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Zach Stuebing Hammers His First Bull

by Josh Wamboldt on 10/28/18

Heres Zach's Story of the 6X6 bull he harvested in a drop camp Muzzleloader 2018 hope you all enjoy!!!!!

My caller Troy and myself climbed some good elevation and found ourselves looking down from the top of some very dark and think pine timber. We had the setup we wanted, wind in our face and everything downhill from where we stood. We walked along the top of the timber looking for a spot to drop in and make a sit. I let out a few cow calls with my diaphragm. Which if anyone wants the best mouth call on the market I suggest going on Born and Raised Outdoors and getting their 3 pack. Black and Blue are the best calls I have ever used. So I let out a few short cow calls and this bull erupted from the timber below 400 yards out. Troy stayed high and right of me and I dropped down 50 yards to the left because the wind was favoring uphill and left. I kept the cow calls going and Troy used his bugle to sound like a very young bull. We could tell he was furious with us. We got another 50 yards closer and then set up. He was answering every single cow call I gave him and Troys bugles had he going nuts. I got my first glimpse at about 50 yards as he was coming up the hill towards me fast. He turned behind a large tree and was about to step into my 40 yard lane broadside. I cocked the hammer back and waited. He stepped right out perfectly, moving left trying to get below Troy to wind him. I settled the front sight right in the crease of his shoulder and pulled the trigger. The hammer struck home and the primer went off but no shot. The only sound I got was the rubber muzzle cover popping off from the pressure caused by the primer. He stopped and got a little spooked, he didnt like what he heard and trotted down hill 100 yards into the timber. I snuck up to Troy cow calling the entire way . I got to him knelt down behind a tree and went to work. I dropped the breach plug, rammed the load out the bottom, replaced the breach plug, loaded another charge and got a primer in the gun. I looked up at Troy who was standing scanning below because the bull was still chuckling and bugling at us getting closer. I walked behind Troy to start going down hill to his right due to the wind changing to an uphill favoring right now. I made it a maximum of 20 feet and stepped into an opening and came face to face with the bull. He was 75 yards away facing directly at me thinking what the heck are you. I raised the gun and cocked the hammer simultaneously. I got the front sight on his chest and let it rip. I watched him spin to his left and head down hill. Troy and I were in disbelieve. We waited 30 minutes and moved to where he was standing for the shot. We had no blood but Troy got good footprints along a trail leading down into the timber. I started to trail him off his prints which were a mixture of tripping and sliding down hill leading us to believe he was hit hard. I walked into an opening to see him laying there not 100 yards from where I had shot, staring right at me. I raised the muzzleloader to his shoulder and hit him again. He tried to stand but fell over down hill. He had taken his last step.

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