What is the Age Limit on your riders?
    All riders must be at least 8 Years old per our Insurance         Policy.
My child is under 8 years old can they ride with me in the saddle?
    Absolutely not, riding double even for the most experienced     riders can be very dangerous especially with our mountainous     terrain
Do we have to wear helmets and do you provide them?
    Children aged 8-13 are required to wear a helmet, we do have     helmets but if you would like to bring your own you are more     than welcome to.  Adults are not required to wear a helmet but     we do suggest it.
I'm an experienced rider can we Trot or Gallop on the Trails?
    Its called the Rocky Mountains for a reason, we love our     horses and want you to come back, therefore we provide     walking trail rides only for both your safety and our horses     safety.
Will we be riding with other groups?
    We strive for a private and custom feel on our rides, to     accomplish this we do not mix group, we want our wranglers to     provide you with the best experience we can, so your ride will be     for your group alone.  This way we can also extend or shorten     rides if needed as well as take you on a trail that best fits your     groups abilities.
Do you have smaller horses for my kids?
    All of our horses are full sized horses that are matched to         abilities, we do not have any ponies for smaller children.
I have ridden before but not sure if i can last for a full 6 hour ride, what should i do?
    This is why we provide private and custom rides, if you want to     experience a 6 hour ride but aren't sure if you can last the entire     time, you can call us and book a shorter ride if we do not have     other rides booked we can extend your ride while you are out     there, or cut your ride short if you can't make it the entire time.      We will charge for the ride accordingly, but please if you truly     don't think you can last the entire 6 hours don't book it, as it may     be taking away from another person on another ride.  
What do we do if it rains?
    If the weather seems unfavorable an Avalanche Outfitters
    employee will contact you before your ride to give you a 
    heads up.  We will only cancel rides due to unsafe trails,     lighting or dangerous situations.  If you want to ride in the
    rain we will take you if its safe.  Please contact us for weather     information, if you do not show up we will charge you for the     ride.
What should i wear for our ride?
    We suggest pants, long sleeve shirts, closed toed shoes and a     hat that fits.  Sunscreen and water is also suggested, our trails     do have some branches and sticks that may scrape you as we     ride, shorts and t shirts are not the best attire but if that's all you     have we can still take you out.
How many riders can you take out at one time?
    If you have a large group please contact us directly via Email or     Phone to book for large groups.  Our online booking only allows     groups of 5 but we may be able to accommodate larger groups     depending on how busy we are.
My Child is 7 and has ridden many times before can they still go?
    Unfortunately, our insurance states an age not an experience     level of riders, so we must stick to 8 Years old regardless of     experience.
We have our own horses or are very experienced, can we just rent your horses and take the out without a guide?
    We trust you are good horseman, but we love our horses and     require you to have a guide for both your safety and our horses.
    A guide must accompany you on all of our rides.  
What is your Weight limit for riders? 
    We do not set a weight limit, we have some larger horses for     larger people. If you feel you are to heavy please contact us     directly, we try to stay at 250Lbs maximum but due to height and     abilities that can be adjusted.  A 4'5" person weighing 300 lbs     will have a lot harder of a time riding than a 6'8" person weighing     300 Lbs.


What Species of animals can we hunt and what unit(s) do you provide services in?
    We offer hunts for Elk, Mule Deer, Bear, Mountain Goat and     Bighorn Sheep.  In Elk and Deer units 43, Mountain Goat Units     G12, G11 and Bighorn Sheep Unit S25.
Do you require a deposit for a camp and how much is it?
    We require a 50% deposit for each hunter in your group along     with a signed contract.
If we don't draw our tags what are our options?
    Fortunately our unit has many OTC (Over The Counter) options,     such as Archery Either Sex Elk, 2nd and 3rd Season Bull Elk.  All     Mule Deer tags are draw only.  But if those don't fit your schedule
    we can credit your deposit for the following year or years.
Do you rent horses for us to use without you being there or to keep in camp with us to use?
    Unfortunately, we do not lease our horses to hunters to use     without us being there.  If you would like to have horses in camp     we can give you suggestions of business's who lease horses that     we have a working relationship with for an extra cost.
We have our own camp and just want you to pack in our gear, can you tell us where to go, or put us in one of your camp locations, and do you have stipulations on where we can go?
    We call these Spike Camp Hunts.  We have a certain permit area     we are allowed to provide our services, we will put you almost     anywhere you want to go as long as it is safe to get our horses     there.  We will not put you into one of our camp locations, and     also will not put you in an area that we already have clients     booked in out of respect for them.  If you have an idea of where     you'd like to go contact us and we will tell you if its possible and     we have openings.
Do you Pack out harvested game?
    Yes, we pack out harvested game but due to how busy we are it     may take a day or 2 to get there.  We suggest you call us before     your hunt and let us know where you are so we can have an idea     that our services may be needed.  We also require the game be     on a horse accessible trail, if we need to dismount and pack the     game to a trail there is a charge of $75/hour that we have to pack     it by hand.
You hunt public land will we run into other hunters in your camps?
    Since it is public land we cannot guarantee you will not see other     hunters, we put our clients away from each other so they should
    not run into each other, although it has happened.
What options do you have for hunting season and what do they entitle?
    We will start with our lowest cost and work up, Spike Camps are 
    your camp to your location prices are one way, Drop Camp is 7     days total our camp our location you DIY hunt, Semi Guided is our     camp our location and a guide in camp for a number of days, Fully     Guided is 7 days our camp our location with a guide and food     provided.  Drop camp and Fully Guided include game pack out,     pack in and pack out.  Extra days can be added to Drop Camps 
    and Fully Guided Camps for extra prices.
I have a family member or friend that wants to go along how much will it cost for them to accompany me?
    We charge 50% of the hunts cost for non hunters or kids, this
    covers food and pack in and pack out.  A kid 16 and under even     when hunting is 50% of the cost.  We love getting kids into the 
    sport of hunting especially when accompanying a mother or 
What is your success rates on your hunts?
    Our success has many aspects from weather, how hard a hunter 
    hunter hunts, missed shots, lost opportunities, passed shots,     ETC.  So we like to base our hunts on opportunities our drop     camps will have roughly a 60% opportunity, guided hunts are     around 85% opportunity.  This changes yearly but that's our 
​What Caliber of gun do you suggest?
    This topic is always asked, our opinion... a .243 Winchester is     legal in CO for big game, it can be effective.  We suggest shooting     a gun that you are comfortable with, practice is key as well as     shot placement.  KNOW YOUR GUN, YOUR YOUR AMMO,     KNOW YOUR CAPABILITIES, AND STICK WITH THEM!!!! If your     gun makes you flinch and its a high caliber we suggest shooting a     gun you are comfortable with, and don't sway from that.  If you are     comfortable out to 300 yards don't stretch it, knowing your     boundaries is the number one rule. 
What are the average shots i will get in your terrain?
    Archery shots can be 5 yards to 75 yards know your distance of     what you are comfortable with and don't stretch it.  Muzzleloader     can be 5 yards to 125 yards.  Rifle shots can be 5 yards to 1000     yards, we suggest knowing your distance, most shots are under     300 yards so being comfortable to 350 yards is a good plan.  But     also be ready for a close shot we have open meadows to thick     timber, you may get a shot at 20 yards in the timber, always turn     your scope down to the lowest setting when moving just in case.      Don't stretch it you owe the game your respect of clean kills, and if     you shoot we always suggest checking the area to make sure you     did miss or hit. Do you really want to walk all the way to the other     side of the ravine to check for a miss? If you don't want to make     that hike on a miss don't take the shot, we always suggest if you     shoot you check regardless of how many people may confirm a     miss, bullets do weird things inside a body and a "clean miss"     through the binoculars may be a clean kill.

Frequently Asked Questions