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Our Fully Guided option is great for all types of hunters, from new hunters to seasoned hunters our Fully Guided hunts can benefit everyone.  Our Fully Guided camps are booked privately for each group and have a 2:1 Hunter to Guide Ratio.  Our knowledgeable guides are not only there to assist you during your hunt but teach you as much as possible to assist you in future hunts as well.  We pack in/out of a preset camp where we provide all the amenities including Camp, Cots, Guides, a Cook and Food.  We will start out the first few days on foot, hunting near camp as our camps are typically set up right in elk/deer country.  If we need to bring horses in later in the week for better access of game we will.  Although our guides are knowledgeable we are not 100% successful, but your guides will do everything possible to make your hunt as successful as possible.  We try to match our guides with the hunters and seasons to have the best opportunity at success.  Our camp cook will prepare hearty meals for you to keep you your energy up and ready to go every day.  We highly suggest that our clients get into the best possible shape to assist in their hunt.  Although horses may be used this hunt still requires a good amount of physical endurance.  These hunts start at $5000/hunter this does not include your tags.

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Camps are begin booking Dec 1, Prior to the year being hunted. 

Camps booked Dec 1-June 10 (or 10 days after CPW posts Primary Draw Results) will be $5000/Hunter

Camps Booked June 10 (or 10 Days after CPW posts Primary Draw Results) will be $5500/Hunter

- This includes all deposits and contracts, if they are not received during the deadline client will either be refunded paid deposits or charged the higher price.  Clients added to camp after the posted dates will be charge higher price.  (Beginning 2023 hunting seasons)

Goat and Sheep Camps- $2200/Hunter drop camp and $6200/Hunter Guided prior to June 10, After June 10 $3000/Hunter Drop Camp and $7000/Hunter Fully Guided.

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