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Frequently Asked Questions of Avalanche Outfitters Quick Answers (email us for the long more in depth answers)


Booking FAQ

  • What is the required deposit for booking a hunt?

    • 50% of the cost of the hunt per person

  • If we book our hunt for a draw only tag and are unsuccessful what are our options?

    • Move to a season with OTC options (Archery, 2nd, 3rd rifle)

    • Use deposit as credit for next year, gives you first choice on season and dates

    • Refund of deposit,

  • Why aren’t you booked up for several years in advance and why begin booking Dec 1?

    • We prefer to keep our clients separate from year to year and like to focus on that years clients

  • What Species can we hunt, does the hunting camp cost more if we want to hunt more than one species?

    • Elk, Mule Deer, Black Bear, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goat

  • Does everyone in the group need to sign the contract?

    • Yes, Every Client must sign the contract, only the group leader needs to fill out the entire contract

  • What Kind of Hunts do you offer?

    • Drop Camps, Semi Guided Hunts, Fully Guided Hunts

    • Archery, Muzzleloader, 1st, 2nd, 3rd rifle

  • One of our hunters has an emergency and can’t go what can we do?

    • You can replace them with another hunter, otherwise we will work with you to best fit your needs,

  • What are the best times to get ahold of you?

    • Phone calls to my cell (970)390-8433, texts or emails to, we have limited cell service though so emails and texts can get you a scheduled time for a call

  • How do we pay our deposits?

    • We prefer invoices through Square. But will accept CC over the phone and checks.

  • When is the final payment due?

    • Final payment is due on the day of pack in, cash or CC are accepted,

Basic Camp FAQ

  • How many clients can you fit in a camp? Is there a minimum or maximum?

    • 4 is average, 5+ clients and the price raises for the camp, no minimum, maximum of 8

  • Are the camps mixed or private?

    • Camps are all private to your group

  • Is there Cell reception in our camp, how do we communicate?

    • Very limited cell reception, we require a Garmin Inreach device or comparable in every camp,

  • How do we get in and out of camp?

    • Horseback pack in and out

  • How much gear can we bring?

    • 75LBS/Hunter not including Food, Gun/bow,

  • How many camp locations do you have and how many are used each week/season?

    • 13 Possible Locations in the Maroon Bells Wilderness and White River National Forest

    • 4-5 camps set per season

  • Do we keep the horses in camp? Do you lease horses to keep in camp?

    • Horses do not stay in camp, once your dropped off youre on foot

    • We do not lease horses or allow horses in camp without a guide

  • How far from the trailhead is your camp?

    • Camps range between 2.5 miles to 9 miles

  • What Elevations are your camps?

    • We have camps that range from 8000’ to 11,200’ elevation

  • What is included in the camp?

    • Our basic list is 14X16 Wall tent, cots, pads, chairs, wood or propane heater, propane cook stove, lanterns, cooking equipment, latrine, basic camp utensils, axe, shovel, saw, propane

Hunting FAQ

  • Are we hunting public or private land?

    • We are 100% public land

  • What are Preference Points?

    • Preference points are accrued through the CPW tag draw, and used to get a higher priority in the draw

  • What is the difference between Over the Counter Tags (OTC) and Draw Only Tags?

    • OTC tags are unlimited for archery either sex, 2nd rifle bull elk and 3rd rifle bull elk

    • Draw tags are applied for in march, and are for all deer, Muzzleloader elk, 1st rifle elk and 2nd, 3rd cow.Some bear tags are also draw

  • We harvested an animal now what?

    • First off, let us know so we can get people together to get it off the mountain. Gps coordinates are great so we know where we are going

    • We highly suggesting using the gutless method to quarter your elk

    • 4 quarters, back straps and tenderloins are required to be taken, we recommend heart, neck meat and salvaging as much meat off the animal as possible

    • We prefer you skin the head of your bulls or bucks to make it easier to pack, if youd like to keep the cape we prefer it to be removed from the skull for easier packing

  • What is your average Success Rate?

    • Success depends highly on weather, hunter abilities and hunting styles, success is around 35% for drop camp hunters

  • What are the antler point restrictions for Elk and Deer?

    • Elk- 4 points on one side OR a 6” brow tine, if you aren’t sure don’t shoot

    • Deer- 6” and longer spike is considered a buck

  • What type of terrain are we hunting?

    • We have some very rugged terrain, there aren’t many camps where you wont have to hike in elevation, Pine forests, aspen trees, some open meadows, oak brush.

  • How physically demanding is the hunt?

    • The better physical shape you are in the more you will enjoy your hunt and you will also up your odds at being successful, this is not a walk 50’ out of the tent and shoot an animal hunt

Drop Camp Hunting

  • What is a drop camp hunt?

    • We set up a camp in our location, pack you in and drop you off for 7 days then pack you out, we resupply mid week, we supply camp and camp gear, you supply personal gear and food.

  • What is provided in a drop camp hunt?

    • 14X16 Wall Tent, cots, pads, chairs, cooking equipment, cooking utensils, propane stove, table, propane or wood stove for heat, axe, saw, propane, latrine,

Semi Guided Hunting

  • What is a semi Guided hunt?

    • Same as a drop camp but you pay $500/day to have a guide in camp with you

  • Do you provide food on a semi guided hunt?

    • For an extra fee we can provide food and a cook,

  • What is the benefit of a semi guided hunt?

    • You get a guide for your choice of days, they are there to help you and teach you

Fully Guided Hunting

  • What is a Fully Guided Hunt?

    • Same camp as a drop camp, guides, camp cook, food, and horses if unsuccessful towards the end of the week

  • What is included in my Fully Guided Hunt?

    • Everything that’s in the drop camp, but add guides, food, and a camp cook

  • What is the Guide to Hunter Ratio?

    • 1 guide to 2 hunters

  • What is the Guides responsibility on the hunt?

    • Hes there to teach you, assist you and give you better chances at success



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